I am very pleased with the service and quality of workmanship Jodie & Lee did when replacing my 2 hot water tanks. Not only did Jodie respond quickly to me, he was able to have the tanks installed within a couple days. I got the impression from Jodie that supplying the service was more value to him than the monetary gain of the service, as he had to travel out of the city to replace them and invoiced me for the same price as Lee advised me some time ago, and that tells me they are honest & good to their word guys. These guys are the type that re-instill the faith in man kind, they give it to you straight and very professional. thank you very much Jodie & Lee, it is appreciated.
We got a few quotes for a garage heater and two companies never responded to us, one came in very high trying to upsell us on everything, but not G.I.Joe.
Joel, who I believe is the owner, came to do the estimate, and a week later he had our heater installed in our garage. He did a great job and clearly explained what was needed with the electrical and such, which we later addressed. About a year later, our garage heater is still pumping and doing great and we LOVE it. It makes so many projects possible during the colder months, aside from keeping our cars from freezing solid.
Joel was very professional and we felt like he was very honest and fair with his prices, services, and recommendations. We’d recommend him to anyone. . . and we do!
I recently purchased a home and, on the advice of a friend, contacted GI. JOE Heating Inc. to quote replacing the furnace and installing A/C. I was immediately impressed when I met Jody as he was courteous and professional. Jody and his laborer did a great job…they not only did the job I hired them to do, but they went above and beyond putting up with my dog, who figured they were at the house solely to give him attention, and they were friendly with my teenagers who felt completely at ease with contractors in our home (so important to a single, working mom!). When I got home from work, Jody walked me through everything I needed to know about the new system and while home maintenance is relatively new to me, I felt confident after his tutorial. Jody ensured I had his contact information in case I had questions or concerns in the future.
A few weeks later I met Jody’s partner, Gilles, who quoted a new fireplace insert for my home. Once again, the quote was very reasonable and Gilles is extremely personable and helped me decide on the right insert for my taste. On the day of install, I had no issue giving them vacant access to my home. The house was left clean and I was pleased with the work.
I would not hesitate recommending GI. JOE Heating Inc. to anyone and in fact one of my family members have already used them and also had a very positive experience.
We first met Gilles in May 2013 when he was contracted by a local company to install our new fireplace insert. They had begun the initial preps for the install when, to our greatest disappointment it was discovered that the company (not GI. Joe) had mis-measured and install of that unit was not possible. Gilles made several phone calls and a couple of hours later the correct insert arrived at our door and he accomplished the install for us to have our fire that evening. He and his colleague also offered to move a dead hot water tank from my basement to my truck...just because...Wow!
More recently I was having problems with our furnace and Gilles came and made the repairs expeditiously.
Now what’s really worthy of mention is Gille’s integrity in the running of his business. Previously with two established furnace repair companies that I had in for repairs it was not possible to establish the calculation of their exorbitant charges. I had checked on-line the cost of the parts disclosed to me and what I was billed was actually multiples of the available cost. And not to mention the amount billed for the short period of time they spent at the house. Whereas with Gille’s repair I had no questions. In fact I was blown away by the service and the fair cost his company provided me.
Gilles is upfront, helpful and honest.
We give him an 11 out of 10!